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The Need

Since its founding in 1914, the Hus Memorial School/Hus Encampment has sought to teach and encourage young people to become Christian leaders.  Since that time, the programs have grown to include 6 different summer camp experiences for youth; ages 7-19, and a variety of other Christian programs for people of all ages.  Due to continued growth and demand for our summer youth camp programs, and a desire to make the Hus Encampment more accessible for groups of all ages, our current facilities are in need of renovation or replacement to accommodate the needs of our mission.  The Hus Board of Trustees has determined that the most pressing needs are:


Main Building/Kitchen Renovation--Complete

New Dorm/Housing Construction

Outdoor Gym/Pavilion Construction

Parking & Walkway Construction

The Help

Through prayerful consideration, the Synodical Committee has approved the launch of a $4,000,000 Capital Building Campaign for the Hus Encampment.  Through a UNITED effort of support from our Unity Congregations, Friends of the Hus Encampment, Hus Camp Alumni, and fellow Christians like yourself, it is our belief that the Lord will bless our efforts and continue to bless the Hus Encampment and its programs for generations to come!  Through Christ, all things are possible… won’t you join in the dream by making a pledge today!

Next Steps...

In 2023, the Synodical Committee gave the Board of Trustees a loan in the amount of $425,000 to purchase the 12 acre property that is directly adjacent to the Hus Encampment. This is a huge blessing to the Camp! While the Board of Trustees works on repaying that loan, we are also working on the next building project. The Boys' Dorm is in dire need of replacing. Please see the pictures and descriptions on the 'New Dorm' page for more information. The Board of Trustees ask that you prayerfully consider donating to the Building Campaign at the Hus Encampment. These projects that are happening are the next steps in making sure that our camp is available for generations of Christians to come and grow. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any member of the Board of Trustees. 

Capital Building Campaign

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