The Hus School Encampment is a facility operated and supported by The Unity of the Brethren. The primary purpose of this facility is the advancement of the Kingdom of God on Earth according to the commandment of Jesus Christ. The programs offered by the Encampment seek to challenge young people to respond positively to the good news of God's redeeming love; teach and encourage

young people to become Christian leaders; and to provide a place of wholesome Christian recreation.  The encampment offers summer camps for youth; ages 7-19. These camps lay a Christian foundation to build their lives on, create friendships for life, and give kids a chance to experience what we think is a little glimpse of heaven on earth!


About us

Hus School Encampment     

3635 County Road 225         

Caldwell, Texas 77836

Supported by:

The Unity of the Brethren

Questions?, Contact the Camp Programming Coordinator.