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Is God calling you to service?  Are you interested in changing lives? Do you have a love for Christ you want to share?  Join the staff of one our camps!  There's a camp just for you.  No need to be a kid, just a kid at heart!  It's a week you will never forget.  There is an age group just for you!  Have questions, contact

the Programming Coordinator.


Hus Camp has many opportunities to serve; there are always repairs and improvements needed.  If handiwork is one of your strengths, volunteer to help out. This can be done on designated workdays or coordinated on a day that works for you!  Bring a friend and make a day of it!  Whatever you do, do it for the Lord! 


The camping program is made possible by donations from numerous donors.  All funds are used to maintain and improve facilities, as well as offer scholarships to campers who would financially be unable to attend camp.  These donations can also go toward our facilities improvement campaign.  Read more about it here. All donations are greatly appreciated!


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